Day Three of Trip

Trying to adjust to the weather.   Really hot and humid this time of year.   I have gone to the free port (Old Navy Base) twice the last two days.  Completed a morning jog both days.  Yesterday took a drive over to the  golf course, now called Subic Leisure Golf and Country Club.  The course is nine holes, was 18 holes years ago.  After the Navy departed in the early nineties, understand the course was private, then closed for a few years.   The costs are $28.00 weekdays and $35 on the weekends.  Costs cover 9 and 18 holes, same price.  Club rentals are $23.00.   May try a round next week.  Many new buildings and construction in the free port area.  Will should some videos and pictures in the coming days.   In addition to Boracay next week, may go to Iba for the annual mango festival.   Dates are 20 April to 22 April.

Jim the Kano

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2 Responses to Day Three of Trip

  1. jeanalyn kuhn says:

    A Mango festival. That should be fun. Wish I was there to enjoy. Have fun and stay safe.

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