Day Two Boracay – Part Three

After finishing touring station three and southern portion of station two, returned to the room for a few hours to escape the afternoon heat.    Then left wife and sister-in-law at the pool.

Headed out to station two near Boracay Regency to shoot photos and videos.   I captured a excellent video of the sun setting along station two.   In the late afternoon the view is excellent, there were several banca and sailing boats crossing the horizon as the sun was setting.   I used my Canon Rebel T2 to shoot the video.   I was amazed by the quality of the video.  I highly recommend Canon cameras, my first Canon was an original AE One Black Body, still have in California, but in retirement.

Additionally, I set up my camera and took a few vidoes of poeple walking up and down the beach path.  The videos will give a prespective of how busy station two can be in the afternoon.   Plan on posting vidoes to web site later this year.

Jim the Kano

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