Boracay – Day Three (19APRIL2012)

    Up early for breakfast.   On banca boat at 0730 am for a snorkeling and island tour.   Went snorkeling near Crocodile Island.  There are no live crocodiles, I was told by the boat driver the island looks like a crocodile., but I could not tell.    Current around the island was somewhat strong and the winds were producing 2 to 4 foot waves.   Not perfect snorkeling conditions, actually really rough.

    After 20 to 30 minutes of snorkeling, we went to Laurel Island.   I took several photos and about half a dozen short videos.   On the eastern side of the island there was an excellent view of the ocean and the waves were breaking onto the rocks.  

   Returned to Boracay about 1130 am.   Showered and went to the “D’ Talipapa” area for lunch.   We eat at the Agua Fresh Sea foods.   There are several similar eateries in this area.  When you go to the eaties at the “D’ Talipapa” you have two options; pick from the menu or walk another 50 feet and choose your seafood at the wet market.   Highly recommend that you go to the wet market and bring the selected items to the eatery.   We had three types of fish, crabs and prawns.   I selected Lapu Lapu as my fish,  the head cook at Agua Fresh prepared an outstanding sweet and sour dish.  

   After resting back at the hotel for a few hours headed to Boat Station three to shot more photos and the video of the sun setting.

Jim the Kano

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